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seed_icons, the Gundam SEED icons community~

Yeah, we're all on a little something.

Gundam SEED Icons Community
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Hi, welcome to seed_icons ^^ This is a place for SEED fans to show off their obssesion with icons! But before you post, there are a few rules:


2. Do not take credit for another icon that another person made and claim it that you made it.

3. You can use another icon that somebody made, but comment in the post so you let the creator know that you're using them.

4. Yes, you can use fanart/doujinshi, but if the original creator asks you to take down the icon, you must do so. But if you can, ask permission first.

5. Be NICE to each other. If we see any flaming, you're doomed. :)

6. If you are posting more than 5 icons, please LJ-cut them. We don't want the main page lagging with 43519 icons (and probably some animated x_x). But put a few icons in the front

Lj-cut: [lj-cut text="LJ-cut title"]TEXT.ICONS.TEXT.LALALALA~[/lj-cut] (Replace [] with <>)

7. Have fun? :3


cagallizala - Creator and Admin